©Matter IceMan & Kandi Marcel

I think of that time when I was at work and these two customers came in to buy some sneakers. A lovely couple, since it was near the end of the day, and not many customers in the store really, I was able to give them my full undivided attention. Now he was a cute guy, and I knew from his style he was all about his swag. He was wearing this pink button up that was hanging out, with a tie on, some fitted jeans with these black Nike boots on. Thought to myself he was hot. His female he was with had on these black leggings, with this oversized multicolored shirt that hung real low and was off the shoulder. She also had on these nice spiked pumps on. Her style was funky chic, and she had caught my mind’s eye. So after he had made a choice, I went to the back to get them for him so he could try on those new foamposites. She looked at me with this look in her eye, and she told me how good I looked. In my mind, I was like dam, I’m wearing this t-shirt and these khakis, nothing sexy or flattering at all. So I replied with a smile and a thank you. He smiled too saying you better watch out, she is a wild one, as he tied up the sneakers. I laughed and said oh no worries, I am just as wild too. She looked at me licking her lips, while she rubbed her finger across them. Hmmm, I bet you taste sweet too. I was like, I would like to think so as I chuckled. The she said dam, those breast look big as shit and would be nice to lay on, or suck. Her dude was just watching and smiling, saying here we go again, she is just insatiable. Now the way the store was set up, I knew if I made a move on her, we might get seen, but the way I was feeling, and she was looking delicious herself, I knew if I did not make a move she would of. Since u was young, I have always gad a controlling mindframe, so in order to keep control of this situation, I sat next to her, pulled her tights out some to realize she had on no panties. A smile came across my face as I then slid my fingers down there and dipped inside her well. Now don’t be too loud, as I went slow and steady as I stroked and caressed her clit. Hmmm easy does it she said as she leaned back a little more and took my hand only to push it further into her wetland area. Moans and moisture levels both began to rise. Now her dude, just stood there, looking like koolaid man with a big grin on his face. I heard my employee calling my so I pulled out, and licked my fingers dry. Oh yes, you taste as good as you look. She got herself composed, then said you can’t get away that easy, heating me up and then stopping, so she grabbed me, pulled up my shirt, exposed my bra, then pulled out my boob to get access to ny nipple. Immediately she sucked it like it was a milkshake. She was instantly shocked to see I had it pierced. So along with the hoover action, she flicked her tongue against my piercing. That little piece of metal acted as a lightning rod, because shockwaves shot throughout my body. My employee caught her and she relinquished my mound of goodness she called it. Turning to her dude, saying we got to get back to her ASAP. Gotcha he told her, as they made their way to the register to make their purchase. My employee waited on them, as she smiled at them. I went to my office to conclude the end of business reports. That was a whole lot of fun I must admit. Me and my employee laugh bout it now then the rest of the day. I didn’t have to worry bout her, hell this incident was tame compared to other adventures we had together. After we closed, I pulled the gate down and locked up everything. Suddenly, I heard a voice saying, excuse me ma’am, but we have some business we need to conclude. I turned to see my wild couple standing there. They said, they meant ASAP, and no time like the present to unwrap some presents. So we made our way to the parking garage where this public story continued sort of the public eye so to speak.

         Normally I can be the dominant one when it comes to sex, but for some reason, her dominant demeanor turned me on to where I didn’t even mind being submissive. They led me this huge navy blue tented out truck. In my mind I wondered what was about to happen next. He sat in the driver’s seat while she forced me in the back by my throat. Now I know that sounds sort of aggressive, but I loved every second of it. Her being aggressive spoke to the animalistic side of me. While he only watched, he began to gently caress his manhood in delight of watching us. Being watched always makes my juices flow. It seems she was the dominant one in that relationship because she ordered him to start rubbing on my breast while she pulled my pants down to my ankles. We’re both petite females, so it was real easy for her to get on all fours and start licking me like a lollipop in the backseat. I have not felt this sensation in a while. I run my fingers through her soft curls and relax my body. Her tongue makes my body quiver in delight. Just when I start to feel myself about to explode all over her, she inserts a couple of fingers to connect with my G-spot. I release a loud “sigh” from my mouth as I climaxed from her amazing skills. Before I can even get myself together and catch my breath, she was already taking off her shirt. She had the most beautiful full breast with caramel nipples. She pulls up my work shirt and rubs her large breast against mine. To my surprised this seems to be getting her extremely hot. The sounds of her moans intrigue her male companion and he can no longer just sit and pleasure himself. He begs her to join in some way. She allows him to enter the back seat and orders him to sit in between the two of us. With his dick out, we both begin to massage his thick manhood. She gives him a little slap across the face and says told him…”Baby, fuck her good!” My eyes got wide because it never occurred to me I’d be feeling him inside me. I was already hot and ready to go. The feeling when I sat on top of him was almost euphoric. She fondled my supple breast while he lifted my round ass up and down on his dick. His moans were getting more frequent and louder. I knew he was about to release his cum. His last few thrust were so deep and hard. His final one counted the most. We actually climaxed at the same time! My now exhausted body fell back against the seat. I knew I couldn’t, I just couldn’t take it anymore. Currently aroused by watching her man pleasure me, she expresses she hasn’t had enough. I look at her, she looks at me and we both look at him and say “ROUND 2?!?!” He smiles. I fasten my seat belt as we journey back to their home where we can get out of the public eye and into some private fun.

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